Floetry is Back!

Floetry is Back!

photo: Floetry FB

Marsha Ambrosius and The Floacist have started their first tour in years.

Floetry Reunion

Marsha Ambrosius & Natalie Stewart AKA Floetry announced a reunion and US tour at the Get Funk Fest in Atlanta last week. This is some of the best music news of 2015. And we know, if their fans show up in these cities to welcome them – we could be treated to new music from these women we have missed so much.


Floetry US Tour Dates

06/16: Cleveland, OH 06/17: Cleveland, OH
06/18: Columbus, OH
06/19: St. Louis, MO
06/20: Detroit, MI
06/21: Chicago, IL
06/23: Denver, CO
06/25: San Francisco, CA
06/26: Tacoma, WA
06/28: Phoenix, AZ
07/01: San Antonio, TX
07/05: New Orleans, LA @ Essence Festival
07/08: Birmingham, AL
07/09: Louisville, KY
07/10: Charlotte, NC
07/12: Durham, NC
07/17: Philadelphia, PA
07/18: Newark, NJ
07/19: New York, NY
08/08: Columbia, MD @ Spirit Festival


The Floacist joins Marsha Ambrosius onstage in London last December to kick it off:

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