So, There Is a Petition to Take Away Iggy Azalea’s Top Rap Song Billboard Award

Izzy Azaelia Petition

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It appears her song was released before the award eligibility date...

Iggy Azalea  – Top Rap Song for “Fancy.”

Now, we all know that jaws dropped around the globe when Iggy Azelea won Top Rap Song and Top Rap Artist at the Billboard Music Awards earlier this month. It is no secret that the Hip Hop world felt like pop had plunged the final dagger into the heart of the music – not to mention the culture. To be fair, the Billboard Awards are for “Top” positions, not “Best” positions and are based on music sales, streams and live show headcounts. So, no one is saying Iggy is the best rapper – but it still seems surreal.

Petition to Take Away Iggy Azalea‘s Top Rap Song Billboard Award

Fast forward a week and we find that has started a petition to retract “Iggy Azalea’s Ineligible Award for “Fancy.”” The petition now has over 20,000 signatures and drew 5000 in it’s first day. The charge is on eligibility dates and it seems to have merit. But, one can’t help but think that part of this is just that the Hip Hop world just plain doesn’t like Ms. Azelea and never will.


Iggy Azaelia – Fancy




Britney Spears and Iggy Azelea – Pretty Girls –  Billboard 2015

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